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Jonathan Jones

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What's everyone's thoughts on consigning a camera at a reputable camera house?
I'm considering purchasing for the first time and I want to hear your experiences with it: the good, the bad and the ugly. 
I have a good relationship at this place and I've been chatting with a trusted rental agent (and friend) for a few weeks as we've looked at the data: it seems like cameras will generally pay themselves off in about 2-3 years, including a standard 50/50 profit split.

Is this a wise way to pay off a large investment? 

Thanks in advance, appreciate you all. 

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2-3 years sounds about right but of course now the danger is that new camera models are being released more frequently and you don't want to get stuck with an obsolete camera that producers and directors aren't asking for anymore. That said, I'm still using a Red Epic MX and have no intention of upgrading. 

Buying used is the way to go with the pricier cameras, I'd say, especially given the lesser lifespan of cameras as of late. I would expect a reputable rental house would have maintained and restored a sale item to 100% prior to sale.  

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