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  1. Use teasers or just use in a large enough space that fall off is better. You can't use every kind of setup in every kind of space.
  2. Stay away from any high contrast picture profiles, I can tell you that. "Settings" is pretty broad so it'd be hard to just list out all settings.
  3. For what it's worth, I've yet to see flicker from streetlights in my own footage or in any other footage I've seen shot under streetlights.
  4. I seem to recall powering a single 85watt CFL in a 3' chinaball with a portable battery pack/inverter a while back. Worked great.
  5. Just get a white weather balloon and some helium, then spot an M18 (or whatever) into it. Works great.
  6. I use V mount and I think (with any battery) when they discharge faster and hold a charge for a shorter time (when not in use), they're done. You can get V mount batteries re-celled.
  7. Well, it comes on rolls and you would normally order a roll or a half roll, unless you were getting it from a rental house in which case you would do the same, but they would calculate how much you used by weighing what was left when it came back. I suppose you just need to know how much is on a roll and a half roll, so they could order the correct amount to cover their needs.
  8. I believe poly silk is what's used for "silks." In terms of durability, I would go with silk. Cloth, like cotton based cloth, will get dirty pretty easily. I would buy an actual silk that's just large enough for your purpose and have a tailor sew it to match the original diffusion.
  9. You would need super large wind breaks for sure and even then I doubt it would help. It doesn't take much wind to move haze.
  10. There's too much reliance as of late on "suspension of disbelief." We know it's a movie, we know we have to allow for some suspension, but screenwriters could be a little smarter & less lazy imo. Especially in the case of science fiction which are universally the dumbest movies going.
  11. I was once asked by a motion graphics guy to place 2 cameras on same axis with different focal length lenses. I'm not sure if he ever made use of the both perspectives, however. It may have been just a safety measure.
  12. Hahaha, I have such a pet peeve about demo reel music. Most I've seen have way too obtrusive, irritating music. I saw one once that had some really loud, overbearing dixieland jazz that had me immediately reaching for the volume control. I was tempted once to make a demo for myself with no music, but I think something needs to be there. It should really be innocuous, I believe.
  13. Back light placement often has as much to do with space as it does with where you ideally want it to be. That is, it's gotta be high enough to be above the frame (most of the time) and not cause flare. Using a larger source as a top back light may not even be possible depending upon ceiling height. As for the look, if you want a hard rim of light, the source would be further behind the subject. Generally, you don't want that kind of light to spill onto the forehead or nose or cheek bones.
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