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Preston FIZ UHF system for sale

Gregory Biskup

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Iris controller unit

Preston HU (runs on NPF batteries)


2x DM1 Motors 

2x NPF batteries + dual charger 


Panavision Bridge

Arri Bridge

Various mounting brackets


Arri Alexa run cable

Red run Cable

Moviecam run cable 

Panavision run cable


Motor cables (90 degree + standard) x8

P- tap - lemo 


Canon gears

Panavision Gears

0.8 gears

Zeiss gears


Marking discs x 21


Package comes in a pelican 1550 case 


Asking $3000 OBO (Make me an offer) eager to move it. 

Reason for selling: no longer operating steadicam. Some neat trivia this kit was used on films such as The Davinci Code, Cinderella Man + History of violence. I originally purchased it from the late Candide Franklyn here in Toronto. He kept this kit in immaculate condition.  This thing is built like a tank. 

Links to photos https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iLiGihH2hXtCCtvuyJVyn6qEhjUQUi-c?usp=sharing



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Hi Gregory, 

Being a retired model, have you had luck servicing it in Toronto? I’m out in Victoria, BC, will check with Cramped Attic in Vancouver to see if they do. Looks like a nice starter package for an AC on a budget. I just want to make sure I could keep it maintained. 


Brian G. 

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Hey Brian,

I have been very fortunate to have full service here in Toronto on the unit by a technician (saviour) at Panavision. He was the one that did the NPF battery upgrade for me this past year. Definitely have a chat with Cramped Attic about upkeep of the unit and then we can talk if you're still interested. 






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