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OConnor 2060 Fluid Head + Cine HD Legs + Cases

Olle Agelii

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OConnor 2060 Fluid Head + Cine HD Legs + Cases
Located in Gothenburg, Sweden
All in excellent condition mechanically. Some cosmetic signs of use - see pictures: https://bit.ly/2WVJEhj
1x OConnor 2060 Fluid Head
- Euro Style Quick Release
- Diameter/Thread: 150mm
- Tilt Angle: Full 90° - 90°
- Load Capacity:
@ 10cm 37.7 kg
@ 15cm 29.5 kg
@ 20cm 24.1 kg
- Counter Balance System: Continuously variable dual-axis sinusoidal
- Counter Balance Range: 0 to 37.6 kg
- Center of Gravity: 10.2 to 20.3cm
- Temperature Range: -40° to 60°C
Cine HD Legs
- Min Height: 85.3cm (33.6")
- Max Height: 175.8cm (69.2")
1x OConnor 150mm Tie Down
1x OConnor Mitchell Plate
1x OConnor Mitchell Tie Down
1x OConnor 18mm Pan Arm
1x Ground Spreader
PayPal or cash in hand
Buyer pays shipping, PayPal and custom fees, if any.




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