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Bright Tangerine VIV Kit 2 (3-Stage) Carbon Mattebox with Accessories

Olle Agelii

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Bright Tangerine VIV Kit 2 (3-Stage) Carbon Mattebox with Accessories
Located in Gothenburg, Sweden
In excellent condition. See pictures: https://bit.ly/2EZw2HI
Bright Tangerine VIV Kit 2 (3-Stage) Carbon Mattebox: 
1x VIV Core 1
2x Rotating 4x5.65" Filter Stages
1x Fixed 4x5.65" Filter Stage
3x 4x5.65” Filter Trays
2x VIV / VIV 5"- Carbon Fibre Bottom/Top Flag with Dual Variable Side Wings
2x Carbon Side Flags, Inc Flag Mounts with Variable Side Wing
1x VIV and VIV 5 Swing Away Kit : inc Production Swing Away Core 15mm Lightweight arm and VIV dovetail bracket.
1x 15mm LWS Bracket
1x 19mm Studio Bracket
1x Anti Reflective Filter Tilt Control - A.R.F 30 Degrees of Freedom 
1x Viv / Viv 5" Filter Guard Safety Lock
1x 150 -143 mm Donut Adaptor Ring
1x 143 mm Rubber Donut - 114 mm with Metal Threaded Ring. Fitted with Retaining Ring for 138mm Round Filters
1x 143 mm Black Hole Donut - Diameter 58mm - 143mm. Conical shaped for lenses that travel - upto 2".Ring for 138mm Round Filter.
1x 114 mm - 110 mm Threaded Adaptor Ring
1x 114 mm - 95 mm Threaded Adaptor Ring
1x 150- 110 mm Clamp on Ring
1x French Flag Bracket with Five 3/8" Threaded Mounting Points for Monitors and Cine Tape
5x Hard Mattes (18-20, 24-28, 32-40, 50-75, 85-180)
2300EUR (3460EUR new)
PayPal or cash in hand
Buyer pays shipping, PayPal and custom fees, if any.

_DSC1673 adj 550x406.png

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