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Reel Men Camera, Grip and Electric Rentals - Phoenix, AZ USA

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Reel Men is a full service gear rental shop in Phoenix, AZ.  Based in Phoenix and serving the state of Arizona.

3902 E Broadway Road

Phoenix, AZ 85040

(602) 286 6800


Open M-F, weekends by appointment.  24/7/365 equipment pickup and return with advance notice.


In business for over 20 years, Reel Men is a "one stop shop" for camera, grip, and electric in Arizona.  1ton, 3ton, 5ton, and 10ton trucks.  Fisher dollies.  Canon, Arri, and Red cameras.  Big gun HMIs and LEDs.  Generators, distro, rigging, production supplies, and all the toys you need.  Happy to provide and refer local crew as well.   We also have a studio - https://www.reelmenstudios.com 


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Hello I was trying to find your email and ask about the film October Sky as I had a question about the lighting in the film but have not been able to find anything and was wondering if could get your help. There is a lighting continuity error in the movie and I’m trying to find it and have had no luck so I was wondering if you knew where that would be and could point me to which scene that is. Thank you for any help

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