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Bauer A512 Shutter Angle

Serge Gregory

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Can someone definitively tell me what the open shutter angle is on a Bauer A512? Michael Lehnert in his Super 8 Today review says its 150 degrees. Several people posting here have said it is 180 degrees, as does this table: http://www.film.project-consultant.net/html/bauer_-_table_.html. 
I have an A512 manual, which doesn't give the shutter angle, but has a diagram of the variable shutter that makes it look like it's 180 degrees when it's open. The above table shows that other non XL Bauer cameras variously had 150 or 180 degree shutters. It's about a 1/3 f stop difference between the two, significant enough to make a difference if you want to overexpose negative film by a half stop or nail your exposure with reversal film. I'm waiting for delivery of the camera and want to have this figured out before I test it.

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