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  1. Gregg, thanks for the info. I've found a Cavision 80-93mm clamp-on ring that should fit: http://cavision.biz/cr93-80.aspx. The next step would be to find a 3x3 filter setup with a 93mm rear thread.
  2. I'm considering getting a Zeiss 10-100 T3 as part of an Arri S/B package. What's the best solution for hanging a filter adapter off the front of the lens? Will a Cokin P 499 Universal Ring work or are there better options? Will this lens work with a standard Arri S matte box and 2x2 filters? I'm trying to avoid going the route of an expensive (and cumbersome) matte box and rail system.
  3. AVCCAM HD (2K) camcorder with only 123 hours lens shade, lens cover, strap, handgrip 2 batteries and charger remote control (never used) The HMC Book by Barry Green Operating Instructions Manual (122 pages) Was used to make the following short films: By the Salish Sea: https://vimeo.com/344920645 Summer Elegy: https://vimeo.com/35399805 $400 plus postage (US only). PM me for more info or photos.
  4. Thanks, Martin, this makes sense. On my Bauer, the footage counter doesn't move when I have an exposed cartridge in it (if that's what you meant by "spent"), so I can't do the rough test. In any case, I think I'll shoot a second roll (nearing expiration date) before processing and scanning to see the results. Yes, no Indian Summer in Seattle this year.
  5. I'm testing a Bauer A512 that I just bought. I've noticed that at 24 fps the film-running needle in the viewfinder moves much more slowly when I'm running film through the camera than when I run the camera without any film in it. Is this normal? I'm concerned that it means that the motor is straining when it's pulling film and that I should get it cleaned and lubricated before running any more film through it.
  6. Martin, thanks for taking the time to offer your suggestions. This model of Bauer doesn't have a switch to block the viewfinder, so it's quite possible that the flicker is from stray light, especially since it is visible only on some shots, not consistently throughout. Most of the shots were taken using a tripod, and the problematical ones might have had strong front lighting on the subject. I did manage to test a short piece of film placed on the gate, and the side guides did hold the film in place. I am having the film re-scanned by a different vendor to rule out any scanning issues. I'm beg
  7. Can someone definitively tell me what the open shutter angle is on a Bauer A512? Michael Lehnert in his Super 8 Today review says its 150 degrees. Several people posting here have said it is 180 degrees, as does this table: http://www.film.project-consultant.net/html/bauer_-_table_.html. I have an A512 manual, which doesn't give the shutter angle, but has a diagram of the variable shutter that makes it look like it's 180 degrees when it's open. The above table shows that other non XL Bauer cameras variously had 150 or 180 degree shutters. It's about a 1/3 f stop difference between the two,
  8. I took a look at the film on a light table with a loupe and I couldn't see any exposure fluctuations. It's a bit tough since it's a negative, but when I looked from frame to frame, I couldn't make out any change in the density of the image. So perhaps you're right, the problem may have been with the scan--a bit odd since when Spectra returned the completed order, they noted "camera flicker" as the problem rather than any issue on their end. I guess the only way to know for sure is to have it re-scanned by someone else or shoot a test roll of reversal, have it developed and take a look to
  9. I'm now thinking of replacing my Bauer, but before I do, I'm wondering whether anyone thinks the inconsistent shutter flicker and gate wobble discussed above is something that can be addressed in a CLA or repair. I was thinking of calling the Photo Center in LA, which is recommended by Spectra. Again, the footage can be seen at https://vimeo.com/170814555 .
  10. Thanks for your response, Tyler. I guess I attribute the gate wobble to a failing of older cameras like this. I wonder whether the new Kodak camera will be designed to minimize the registration issue common to Super-8 cartridges (short of the Logmar solution). My take away is that although this Bauer has great glass, it's no longer reliable.
  11. When I received my scanned footage (Kodak 7203) back from Spectra, they indicated "camera flicker." It's inconsistent (not in all shots) but very noticeable towards the end of my edited footage: https://vimeo.com/170814555. The camera is a Bauer C61XL. It has a low-light, 225-degree shutter. When I looked at the problem shots frame-by-frame, it was clear that the exposure was inconsistent. It reminded me of the flicker in an old wind-up Bolex. Can others confirm by looking at the footage that the shutter is the likely problem, rather than something else? Otherwise, the scanned 7203 looks v
  12. Bauer C61XL. It has a very good 1.2 lens manufactured by Schneider/Kreuznach.
  13. Inspired by examples of terrific transfers of 7203 in Super-8, I've decided to try the stock out. In the meantime, I've re-edited some Kodachrome Super-8 footage I shot in 2005. This is a 720x480 upload and, sure, it's grainy, saturated Kodachrome, but if shot and edited well, Super-8 has its own definite aesthetic. https://vimeo.com/167184955
  14. John, I checked into Plus-X reversal processing in the UK about a year ago for a project before the stock was discontinued. What I found out from a Kodak rep in London was that no labs in the UK or Ireland were processing Plus-X reversal. The only lab that was processing Plus-X in Europe was Andek Filmtechnik in Germany. Here's the link: http://www.andecfilm.de/en/e_16mm_sw.htm
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