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WTB: OConnor 2575d head flat (mitchell mount) + set of tripod legs long, medium short

Martin Klimpar

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hello we are interested in buying set of:

- Oconnor 2575D (only D revision) with set of legs / sticks (short, medium, large) in flat/mitchell as well.

We are located in prague czech republic, with branch in US. looking forward for info - condition, photos, mechanics, location, price excl tax/incl tax.

you can reach me at klimpar@vonkuttenberg.com or +420777174155 (imessage, phone, whatsapp) thank you

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HI Martim

Here is what I have 

1-O'Connor 25/75D Head & Case, Euro Plate, Eye-Piece Bkt. $10,500.00
1-O'Connor 2060 Head & Case, Euro Plate, Eye-piecne Bkt w/1-European Style QR with Camera Mount Plate w/1-30" Bend Arm with Handle Extension,1-Mitchell Base & Mitchell Tiedown 
If you are interested please email me at barbara@newprovideo.com 

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