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TAM Ireland - Directed by Ian Power

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Last October I had the chance to work on a new project in Ireland with director Ian Power.

The project was a promo for TAM Ireland, which is the organisation that oversees commercial publications / advertising on TV in Ireland.

TAM Ireland - TV Build Brands

We had a 2 days shoot in the Ardmore backlot in Bray, which is an amazing backlot with everything that you need in order to get a lot of production value out of the set. 
However, the budget was minimal, 30K for 2 days, so we had to be quite inventive about how to make everything work. 

Ideally I would have shot it on a Sony Venice +  Panavision anamorphic lenses on a steadicam but the production company couldn't afford a steadicam operator (let alone anamorphic lenses) and we ended up with a Movi Pro. 

Virgin Media was producing and they had a camera that they wanted to use because of the workflow that they already had in place, a Sony F55.

Lens wise, we used a 35mm Ultra Speed Z with an anamorphic front that they had in Panavision Ireland in one of the drawers and it definitely helped with the balance of the Movi. 

We used the first day to block the actions, the actors, choose the path that the camera was going to make and light it. It was really great fun and it was my first time using 12Ks on cherry pickers!!! 

One of them is behind the building at the back of the first street, another one was behind the building in the end frame and I had another one around 20 meters away filling the end frame through a 2 meters by 2 meters which was behind me.

The lights in the "interiors" are blondes and litemats, with some Astera tubes that you can see. 

Now, we weren't supposed to shoot at blue hour so I had the 12Ks with a lighter diffusion than the one that I would have chosen if I had had the choice of shooting either at blue hour or night.. but we ended up shooting two takes at blue hour and one of those is the one that they picked. 
I would also have gelled the 12ks with a 1/4 cyan to make them a bit colder / neutral

I hope that you like it! 

Have a lovely day. 

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