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FS: Arri WCU4, UMC4, Two Motor Kit

Nick Forster

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For Sale: Two Motor Arri WCU-4 UMC -4 Wireless Lens control Kit RRP: $23040 USD

Price: $17500 USD


1x Arri WCU-4 Wireless Controller (some small signs of wear around the edges but still great condition)

5x pre marked rings (8",12",14",20",3'6")

5x unmarked rings)


Motor Driver
1x Arri UMC-4 Universal Motor Driver (small mark on the screen and small signs of wear but still great condition)

1 x UMC-4 L bracket (this bracket is the best thing ever)


1x Arri Cforce Mini Motor, clamp (minimal wear on edges)

w/ 3x 12" Lbus cables, 1 x 30" Lbus - LCS cable (for using cforce motors with UMC-4)

1 x CLM -4 Motor with clamp and set of interchangeable gears (almost perfect condition)

w 1x 28" CLM-4 motor cable



1x Sony NP-FM500H

1x Pro Master NP-FM500H replacement

1x Sony BC-QM1 Charger


Other Cables (all from Arri)

 1x 3' Coiled Arri UMC-cinetape cable

1x 30" Lbus - dtap power cable

1x 30" UMC-4 - Alexa control cable (for Alexa classic, sxt, 65)

1x 20" UMC-4 - Amira control cable (for Amira, Mini, Mini LF)

1x 20" UMC-4 - Red DSMC1 Epic Control cable

1x 20" RS-in dtap (for UMC power when not using arri control cables)



1x Arri Explorer WCU-4 Case.


Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/J4Y83oD23GNuUzqj6


Based in Australia but willing to ship.




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