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  1. Thanks for the interest everyone. This has been sold.
  2. I have a WCU-4 kit for sale if you're interested!
  3. For Sale: Cine RT Focus Bug standard Kit without high bright display RRP USD $8500 Price: USD $7250 This is the newest, and best version of a cinetape like system but with better range, capabilities like distance lock-out, the ability to place tracking bugs on actors and around locations and many more amazing features. All Items are in excellent condition. This has been my personal kit. Includes: 1x CineRT Ranger/Tracker Handset 1x CineRT Ultrasonic Ranger/Tracker Base unit 2x Cine RT Ultrasonic Tracking bug with charge cables. (Some labelling has come off the back
  4. For Sale: Two Motor Arri WCU-4 UMC -4 Wireless Lens control Kit RRP: $23040 USD Price: $17500 USD Includes: Controller 1x Arri WCU-4 Wireless Controller (some small signs of wear around the edges but still great condition) 5x pre marked rings (8",12",14",20",3'6") 5x unmarked rings) Motor Driver 1x Arri UMC-4 Universal Motor Driver (small mark on the screen and small signs of wear but still great condition) 1 x UMC-4 L bracket (this bracket is the best thing ever) Motors 1x Arri Cforce Mini Motor, clamp (minimal wear on edges) w/
  5. Great tips, thanks for this AJ. I used this technique in a recent music video.
  6. Sounds like you know what you want. Good for you! I think the package you mentioned sounds like a reasonable price. There is one for sale here, seemingly without any accessories for €6,500 https://www.facebook.com/groups/broadcastgearforsale/permalink/2018576384868165/?sale_post_id=2018576384868165
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