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Panasonic EVA1 IR shooting

Robert Chuck

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Has anyone here shot IR with the Panasonic EVA1? I own an EVA and someone asked me about it, I’ve never had a reason to shoot with this feature but I’m curious as to what situations it would be useful. Or is it something that allows for more creative options. 


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I have done a tiny bit, just for testing purposes. I feel like it’s mostly a creative option for an unusual look. You need to use a special IR filter which cuts the visible spectrum of light but passes IR light to get the benefits. Schneider makes a few types at different wavelength cutoff points. Check out Philip Bloom’s EVA1 review to see some samples.

I guess the other use would be for shooting nature images in the dark with IR sensitive subjects. Don’t know much about that type of work, but it would seem to be a very specialized use case.

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