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WTS - Arri SR3 Advance HS

Francesco Cantoro

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For Sale:

Arriflex SR3 Advance HS in working condition located in EU

Kit Includes:

3x HS magazines (2 of them need to be serviced)

1x Arri right handgrip with start/stop trigger

1x Arri Finder Extension 4 (FE-4)

1x Eyecup

1x Standard Arri SR3 Viewfinder

1x CEI Video Assist NTSC 

2x 15mm rods

2x Arri SR3 on board batteries (need re-celling)

2x Battery charger (One original Arri)

For price, photos and questions please mail me at: fcantoro.video@gmail.com




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Arri SR3 is back on sale in Milan, Italy.

The camera has been checked and it's in standard working condition but film hasn't been shot in a while.

Price is 10.000€ 

Please contact at terraneo.nicolo@gmail.com or fcantoro.video@gmail.com for additional photos.




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