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  1. Hello everyone, i was looking for a set of Arri Ultra 16. Possibly in Europe!
  2. Hello everyone, I own a cmotion czoom ii with a heden motor. When i set the zoom speed to something slow like 25% the zoom becomes snappy. Do you guys think it's the motor or the gear? Motor is an old M26VE. Thank you!
  3. The Hd one from Du-all Camera. It works really good http://www.duallcamera.com/store/VideoTaps.shtml
  4. Hi Gregory, Nope, I ended up re celling the original batteries to power the camera. I mounted some 15mm rods to add a v mount battery to power up other accessories like video assist, teradek, focus motors etc. Hope it helped! fc
  5. Hi everyone, I have a cmotion czoom II and I would love to attach the controller to the camera via an Arri rosette for operating it with an hand held system like an easy rig. Do you guys know any accessories that could make this possible? Thank you!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a Teradek bolt 500 kit (transmitter and receiver) . Thank you!
  7. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/4 4x5,65 in good condition. Thank you!
  8. Du-all camera has a great video assist. I used it on the h16 el and you can easily pull focus from it. Check it out: http://www.duallcamera.com/store/VideoTaps.shtml
  9. For sale Arri Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-3 still with price tag, perfect condition. Price: 300€ Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/srXxtHsbmsZAZP2DA
  10. Arri SR3 is back on sale in Milan, Italy. The camera has been checked and it's in standard working condition but film hasn't been shot in a while. Price is 10.000€ Please contact at terraneo.nicolo@gmail.com or fcantoro.video@gmail.com for additional photos.
  11. Thank you for the answer Bruce. Yes, I was talking about shooting on film. I've used Tiffen IRND on digital but I noticed a slight green tint on the more dense ones, from 1.2 and more
  12. Hello, What do you think are the best ND filters for film? Thank you!
  13. It depends on how you like to operate with the camera, how you are comfortable with it. Personally I like to attach an arri handgrip with on/off grip directly on the camera rosette on the right side. On the left side i like to grab the follow focus or even the viewfinder, or even better the mattebox when i have it. Search out for "Camera Comfort Cushion" , it's a shoulder pad that attach to your body, it's like 80€ and well made. In that way you don't have to attach any pads on the bottom of the sr3.
  14. Hello everyone, Is there someone that knows where to get a clean ground glass (no cross hair) for the arriflex sr3? I know it's pretty rare but asking never costs anything. Thank you!
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