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For Sale: Vintage 4' x 4 Bank Kino Kit $1500

Chad Mahadevan

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Feast your eyes upon two of the most highly rated, luminous glow-emitting light fixtures to have ever been constructed in the history of Hollywood. Manufactured in the heart of Burbank, built from blood, sweat and tears; The Kinoflo 4x4 fixtures have dominated the industry for over 20 years. The natural quality of light has been said to fool even the greatest DOPs into believing it is not an artificial source, but the soft glow from a window on a summer evening, just before sunset. Deakins himself has claimed the Kinoflo 4x4 fixtures are the only manmade instruments to come close to replicating a truly authentic and natural light source. History was made the day these puppies came into production and will forever be remembered as the greatest invention to grace the grueling business that we know as "the Film Industry".

'Deakins never said that about Kinoflos' 

Selling 4x4 Kinoflo Kit - $1500

(2) - Kinoflo 4' 4 Bank
(2) - 4 Bank Feeder Cables
(2) - 4 Bank Ballasts
(2) - Kino ball Mounting Backings (Pin for Gobo)
(9) - KF32 4' Tubes
(7) - KF55 4' Tubes
(1) - Kino non rolling case (Very Worn)

The Kinos work fine other than a bit of cosmetic wear and tear. 
Local Los Angeles Pickup only




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