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  1. Greetings! I'm looking for recommendations for a Camera op (Rolling sticks/zoom control) and a Jib op in Jersey City for an upcoming fitness video shooting in December. Would be a couple of weeks of wok. 600/12 Thank you! - Chad Mahadevan
  2. Feast your eyes upon two of the most highly rated, luminous glow-emitting light fixtures to have ever been constructed in the history of Hollywood. Manufactured in the heart of Burbank, built from blood, sweat and tears; The Kinoflo 4x4 fixtures have dominated the industry for over 20 years. The natural quality of light has been said to fool even the greatest DOPs into believing it is not an artificial source, but the soft glow from a window on a summer evening, just before sunset. Deakins himself has claimed the Kinoflo 4x4 fixtures are the only manmade instruments to come close to replicating a truly authentic and natural light source. History was made the day these puppies came into production and will forever be remembered as the greatest invention to grace the grueling business that we know as "the Film Industry".'Deakins never said that about Kinoflos' Selling 4x4 Kinoflo Kit - $1500(2) - Kinoflo 4' 4 Bank(2) - 4 Bank Feeder Cables(2) - 4 Bank Ballasts(2) - Kino ball Mounting Backings (Pin for Gobo)(9) - KF32 4' Tubes(7) - KF55 4' Tubes(1) - Kino non rolling case (Very Worn)The Kinos work fine other than a bit of cosmetic wear and tear. Local Los Angeles Pickup only
  3. Anybody have any recs for Philadelphia local grips? 450/12 on Monday 3/2, Tuesday, 3/3 and Thursday 3/5. Non union workout videos. Thanks!
  4. Yeah, we're most likely to go this route, as I'm trying to steer the creative towards a less mirror-like effect and more of a standard reflection. Also white other than black flooring...
  5. Does anyone have a vendor who makes custom dance floors? I'm looking for a highly reflective 12x12' black acrylic plexi dance floor, as we're trying to accomplish a mirror-effect with talent. I have vendors that rent/sell 4x8', but I'm looking for a seamless 12x12'. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this. Thanks! - Chad
  6. (Update) I have recently tested (2) different Alexa Minis in a separate location and have had the same issues.
  7. Hey All, I just finished shooting a series of yoga workouts on a black background with the Alexa Mini (2 Camera Shoot). About a month after shooting, the editor noticed a number of white specks throughout the footage (both A and B camera). The white specks would randomly appear in a one frame and disappear in the next (no consistency to area of frame). After speaking with Arri, they believe that this is an environmental issue caused by cosmic radiation. We've currently found about 15 specks within 3 episodes of shooting (which were shot on 3 different days). See below for a couple of samples with the specks. Let me know if you've seen anything like this before. We're going to be shooting the next round in a week and are trying to prevent this issue. Best, Chad Mahadevan
  8. Selling my used Sony Zeiss FE 24-70 f/4. Includes: (1) - Lens Body (1) - Front Cap (1) - Back Cap (1) - Lens Hood (1) - Soft Case $850.00 Los Angeles Local Only
  9. Selling my used Letus Helix JR (Magnesium Edition) Gimbal. Includes: (1) - Helix Body/Motor (Complete) (1) - Handle with joystick (1) - Monitor top plate (3) - Re-chargable Batteries (1) - Helix Charger (1) - Large Camera Plate (1) - Travel Hard Case $900.00
  10. Hey All, I have an upcoming shoot that is going to require quite a bit of camera marks (Jib moves back and forth, Sticks move in and out, etc...). Would anyone be able to recommend some decent marks that would work well with artificial turf (I think standard paper tape would peel easily). Anything like temp spray/chalk that I could buy local from Los Angeles (like EVS, Filmtools or Birns)? Any input on this topic would be highly appreciated. Thanks! Chad
  11. Can anybody recommend a decent camera report app (something that can be used on a Desktop, iPhone, iPad...)? I'm just looking for something that logs: Project, Scene, Take, Date, Camera Settings (ISO, Shutter, WB, Color Prof, Stop, FPS, etc..). Not so much for Metadata or TC. Ideally something that can export as PDF and be moved to dropbox or a drive fairly quick. Thanks for your help!
  12. All very good points. I think I'm going to scout the metro this weekend w/ an A7S to test the rolling shutter...
  13. Hey Tyler, Thanks for the response! I wish that I had the ability to shoot RAW on this one but unfortunately I'm stuck with the Sonys. Looks like you have a pretty similar shot to the one i'd like to accomplish in you're first video (2:27), but I don't know if the client will accept that amount of micro-jitters (the A7S would eliminate most of that). Usually, i'd dump a warp stabilizer effect on it in post and call it a day, but I don't think that would work for this one. Thanks again for your input!
  14. I have a shoot coming up that requires a specific shot on a train (the LA Metro 25 to 30 mph)(see pic attachment below). The only dilemma I face is deciding which format to go with. I can choose to use an A7S 2 w/ shogun w/ zeiss primes (8 bit prores 422) or a Sony Fs7 w/ fujinon 19-90 (10 bit 422). The issue is that the camera HAS to be handheld (no easy rig/no gimbal) and the shot has to be somewhat smooth. Clearly the fs7 is the better option (due to the compression/quality) but I'm worried about seeing the movement/swaying/micro-jitters of the train. The reason for the A7S option would be for the internal image stabilization and the small form factor, BUT i'm wondering if the rolling shutter will be an issue for the background movement. I plan on being at around a 50mm about 5 ft away from the subject. Does anyone here have experience shooting on trains and what issues entail?
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