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FS: Zeiss T2.1 mk2 Standard Speed. 5 Lens set.

Andres Ramirez

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Set of Zeiss Standard Speed mk2 T2.1 PL mount Super 35 coverage for sale. Asking for $15,500 (Shipping included inside USA), OBO / shipping on buyer.

16mm Small cleaning marks on front element coating. Close Focus Mod. (does not affect image) 
24mm clean front and back element
32mm clean front and back element
50mm clean front and back element
85mm 2x small marks on the front coating of the lens about 1mm and 1.5mm long. front element is not cracked or deeply scratched. (does not affect image) Clean back element.

Please feel free to ask for more sample pics of the lenses. Set comes with case.

Ive used them without any trouble and in fact made very beautiful pictures paired with an Alexa mini sensor.

Most recent tv show shot with similar Zeiss T 2.1 standard speed includes "The Eddy" on Netflix. 

Example of a recent feature they worked on, please click bellow. 


More detailed pictures available at https://www.aramirezdp.com/zeiss-t2-1-set

Also posted this on ebay. 


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