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  1. Thank you for the kind words Raymond!! Lowering Price. 26k.
  2. Lens has been sold! Camera still available.
  3. Updating the listing. lowering the price to 28k. for SR3 kit or 33k with Canon 7-63mm Zoom with Case. Full set of Pics bellow https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1j-7gsvyKzGSULVtMZzbi-lvTe6K1iw_u?usp=sharing
  4. Hi Nathaly!! Try setting the Komodo to a lower ISO setting to reduce digital noise, Perhaps 400 or lower and properly expose your skin tones at that ISO. The more light you give the sensor the cleaner the blacks will look. Bellow is an older article that talks about RED and ISO noise levels . It might seem a bit counter intuitive but in darker scenes you actually want to lower your ISO. (unless your creative intent is to have lots of texture/digital grain in your blacks) Happy filming!
  5. For Sale is my Arri SR3 Advanced fully serviced. Upgraded to an HD tap and Gold mount 12v Battery Plate. - SR3 Body - Viewfinder Ext. - 5x Mags - Ratworks Top Handle + Side Plate - Iris rod - 15mm LW Rods - 15mm Studio Baseplate. - Shoulder Pad - Throat Cover. DM me for extra pictures. Asking for 30k Located in Los Angeles.
  6. Ready Rig GS Stabilizer Kit ProArm Kit DJI quick release Spindles (Best Spindles IMO) Rig is taken care of with very few cosmetic flaws. Based in Venice, CA. for quick response please reach directly to info@aramirezdp.com Price $2000 + shipping (Value of $2,999)
  7. Hello, interested in purchasing a used analog Preston microforce VF2 or 3. Ideally it would have dtap Y cable and handle support. Cheers!
  8. Hey there. WhatsApp me. im on set with it now in Miami. I can send you video of the movi in action. pm sent.
  9. Fully Kitted movi pro ready to work. Used in two indie films, well taken care off and only used as an owner operator. Lots of extras. - Arri Power cables x2 - Red Power cables x2 - Counterweights assorted - Ignite digi Offsets - Ignite digi accs mount - Ignite digi TB50 Plates with 2 pin 24v power. - Ninja Star - Cinemilled Plate - Cinemilled Pan counterweight attachment - DJI Monitor Clamp - 6x TB50 Batteries - Spares of every screw Asking for 6000 USD. Based in LA but can ship anywhere. DM for extra pictures.
  10. Love it. Giving power back to the filmmaker to standout. Getting with the times alright 🤘🏽
  11. Ended up pulling out the pentaprism myself. It does have some "wear" inside but no physical damage. Reached out to Jorge Amador. Thank for your reply Robin Phillips
  12. Hello everyone! Is it normal for an an Sr3 advanced viewfinder to reflect this much light back into the eyepiece? i am seeing a double image all the time. I know some "stray" light is normal along the edges of the viewfinder but this much? i removed the whole viewfinder system and and it still does it even when just pointing the viewfinder tube at a light source. Would love to know what you all think. Scoured the internet for answers to no avail.
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