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  1. Ended up pulling out the pentaprism myself. It does have some "wear" inside but no physical damage. Reached out to Jorge Amador. Thank for your reply Robin Phillips
  2. Hello everyone! Is it normal for an an Sr3 advanced viewfinder to reflect this much light back into the eyepiece? i am seeing a double image all the time. I know some "stray" light is normal along the edges of the viewfinder but this much? i removed the whole viewfinder system and and it still does it even when just pointing the viewfinder tube at a light source. Would love to know what you all think. Scoured the internet for answers to no avail.
  3. Set of Zeiss Standard Speed mk2 T2.1 PL mount Super 35 coverage for sale. Asking for $15,500 (Shipping included inside USA), OBO / shipping on buyer. 16mm Small cleaning marks on front element coating. Close Focus Mod. (does not affect image) 24mm clean front and back element 32mm clean front and back element 50mm clean front and back element 85mm 2x small marks on the front coating of the lens about 1mm and 1.5mm long. front element is not cracked or deeply scratched. (does not affect image) Clean back element. Please feel free to ask for more sample pics of the lenses. Set comes with case. Ive used them without any trouble and in fact made very beautiful pictures paired with an Alexa mini sensor. Most recent tv show shot with similar Zeiss T 2.1 standard speed includes "The Eddy" on Netflix. Example of a recent feature they worked on, please click bellow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8p2MLSrHjZI More detailed pictures available at https://www.aramirezdp.com/zeiss-t2-1-set Also posted this on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Zeiss-Stand...A/114216171486
  4. These zeiss standard speed are the Mark 2 model which were manufactured later than the Vintage original standard speed. The Mk.2 have longer focus throw and better mechanics. 12mm, 16mm, 85mm have cleaning marks on glass from age but does not affect picture quality. No Fungus, Haze, cracks or physical damage on any of the lenses. 12mm T2.1 Technovision (Front element Glass has cleaning marks) 16mm T2.1 arriflex base. 16mm T2.1 Arriflex (Front element glass has cleaning marks. C.F Mod) 24mm T2.1 Arriflex (Glass is mint) 32mm T2.1 Arriflex (Glass is mint) 40mm T2.1 Arriflex (Glass is mint) 50mm T2.1 Arriflex (Glass is mint) 85mm T2.1 Arriflex (Front element coating has cleaning marks) 100mm T2.1 Arriflex (Glass is mint) The technovision 12mm is based on a zeiss 16mm T2.1 with a permanent technovision wide angle adapter attached that still matches the set. Lens set has primarily been used as an owner operator and personal low budget features. Lenses pair beautifully with the alexa mini. They have a very organic soft feel on skin tones. Comes with 1x Six hole lens case and 1x Two hole case. Will not separate lens set. Asking for USD $29.999 or best reasonable offer. Images available https://drive.google.com/open?id=14h7PcxUA0-_Hnon42SCI1EKrsBg8U6Js
  5. For sale is my personal Panasonic BTLH-1760 with filmtools c stand mount. It comes with power cable. asking $599. No case or monitor Hood. Shipping within the USA included in price.
  6. Thank you for the reply Tyler! I will be contacting Alan Gordon.
  7. South Florida local looking to buy working super 16mm camera Aaton, sr2 or Sr3.
  8. Interested to buy an aaton as well. Any leads would be appreciated. Cheers!
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