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'False color' LUTs to set skintone/exposure more easily

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I have designed 2 LUTs to make it easier to adjust white-balance and exposure based on people's skin-tone.

I am asking a small price for them (9 US$), so technically I suppose they are a commercial product, which is why I post here in the 'press-release' sub-forum (But just so you know; I am just a hobbyist when it comes to photography. I do not make a living from photography)

They are simple 'false-color' LUTs intended to make it easier (Versus simply 'eye-balling' it) to achieve a nice looking skin-tone on people.

They are probably more useful if you are not working with preset white-balancing or higher-end color-managed systems.

Since they are LUTs they can be used for still-photography as well as video.

I made a small demo-video that shows how they work and look in a few different photo-editors (And in Davinci Resolve as well)

The LUTs come in CUBE and HALDC format.

There are 2 LUTs for skin-tone (Warm and cool) and 2 LUTs for exposure (Studio-portrait, which is high-key bright, and middle-gray, which is obviously darker)

In the demo-video below, I demonstrate the 'warm' skintone-LUT and the 'studio-portrait' exposure-LUT.

Thank you.


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