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Lightmeter L-478D Needs to be recalibrated?

Sam Bignell

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Hey Everyone

I may have posted this in ther wrong section apologies if I have

The Lowdown

The otherday I was doing some photography and noticed my lightmeter which is usually used exclusively for Film and video was overexposing my photos by about half a stop on middle grey but only in all modes but Cine or Video mode using Incident reading

I check all settings, Filter compensation, The profiles compensation, I reset the lightmeter, I changed profiles I did everything to make sure I han't left something off or on but couln't find a solution

I only have an incident attachment and happens whether the white globe is extruded or not, I tried different F-stops and settings same pretty consistant results

More Details

In T mode (Same thing happends in all modes apart from Cine or Video modes)

I measured the bounced light at 55fc - F2.0/2 (Used as F2), 1/125, 250ISO on a 18% Datacloler 24 grey chart

Results from the spot on the camera was +0.7 EV /65% IRE on scopes and results where not what I would have wanted or expected from my Lightmeter

In Cinemode

I measured the bounced light at 55fc - F2.8/6 (Used as F3.5), 1/50, 250ISO on a 18% Datacloler 24 grey chart

Results from the spot on the camera was +0.0 EV /54% IRE and results where what I would have wanted or expected from my Lightmeter


Am I just missing something? I don't need to spot reading my Grey card to get the correct reading right? an Incident will always read the light falling onto the dome at 50% IRE/18% and will result in a perfectly balanced grey card?

I don't understand why in T Mode My grey card would be overexposed (Just brighter)

Cinemode gives results that I expect to be correct




Cine Mode.jpg

T Mode.jpg

T Mode Camera.jpg

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