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  1. Urhmm I guess must be the case, The reflector is definietly not warped or dented but maybe the dish has just lost it's reflectiveness however it looks pretty darn clean and reflective and as I just cleaned it it looks.. well clean but it must have just "faded" slightly
  2. Hey Everyone I must just be doing something wrong or my lightmeter is wrong but I was testing my 800w open face lights today between a few brands I have and noticed that my own Arrilite 800w Open faces put out considerably less light than what Arri's photometrics says they should? Arrilite 800w at 3ft away pointing directly at the lightmeter dome Recessed inside not out, settings (25fps, 800iso, 180d) 240v Full Flood I got a 340fc , Arri's photometrics say it should be roughly 537fc Full Spot I got a 2200fc, Arri's photometrics say it should be roughly 9871fc Is there something I'm doing wrong? I checked the bulb, Cleaned the dome results are the same I understand photometric arnt 1:1 but mine seem so far off Thanks -Samuel
  3. Haha! To be honest I spent nothing on all of my tungsten units, despite them being clearly outdated and hot and inefficient I still love them they still work on every job I go on Even as the main light source... Im that guy who puts up a 2K open face as a main source 😁 It doesn't really even have anything to do with CRI either I've always felt happier with more tungsten units at an almost no price than only one or two really good LED units Love to get a 120D but I'm going to stick with my tungsten units 😉😉
  4. I like my red heads I refuse
  5. Hey Everyone Scrims especially singles and doubles always seem like such fragile materials and extra care is always good for them, thankfully I've not damaged any as of yet but if your textiles gets damaged, other than attempting to sew new ones together yourself what other options are out there? Are there any local UK companies that will happily rebuild textiles onto the frames you already own at a better cost than buying one all over again? I haven't heard of any would love to know! Thanks -Samuel
  6. They usually have weird incerts between the crates, Not quite the same thing but thanks sir! Thought of this, I did make some apple boxes just a few weeks ago, But they are very heavy
  7. I ended up getting 4 from Backstage carts they will keep me going for now but these look awesome to be honest! Stacking smaller ones on larger ones sounds useful already have ideas for that! Thank you Phil!
  8. Thanks so much for this, Them Frames looks great! As you said shame I can't seem to find them! I guess glass dichroic filter (CTB) are the best option but expensive ofcourse. It's really interesting you mention how Rosco is thinner than LEE because I've heard it the other way around but noted!
  9. Was hoping there was going to be a clever rule of thump like anything 2k and ip tugnsten you need High Temp But still Thanks for this!
  10. Hey Everyone Not an expert with Gels alwasy used them on Barn Doors but recently tried to put inbetween a 800w Tunsgten Open face, That is 201 CTB LEE and Rosco E+ no Surprise it warped and buckled until it pretty much melted 30 seconds in I heard you can put gels Inbetween barndoors on fresnels 5k and down but that must be HMI's only, I guess one can not simply put gels in front of Open Faced Tungsten units no matter the gel used I looked up SuperGel but was surprised?? In it's specifications it says it has a lower Melting Point than Rosco E+ despite SuperGel being the High Temp option. So my Questions are Would a Heatshield fix this or do they only help with making gels last longer not stop physicaly melting Super Gel from Rosco would that help? Is there a rule of thumb for this kinda stuff? How close is too close how hot is too hot? Thanks in advance everyone! -Samuel
  11. Hey Yall! I'd love to grab a couple of classic Milk Crates like you have in the states but in the UK Milk crates of that type are simply not findable online and the only place I've found them they cost like £30 for just a crate and there 19" long they are massive Other than useful boxes, what other techniques have y'all used to store gripping equipment? Would love to know idea! Thanks -Samuel
  12. I thought of this but thopught it wouln't be accuraye enough but i'lll defo give that a go tonight! Tell me about it, It's like everything film is Ilegal here haha! I'll check anyway otherwise ND it is! I'll have a look around hoping to find something if not ill use ND! Thanks Everyone!
  13. Hey All! I'm looking to get some scrims to cut down tungsten lights (300w, 650w, 800w, 2k,) Sadly not all my lights are Official lights with hard metal mesh scrims to buy for and fit, So I'm curious if Rosco's 270 & 275 would handle and survive the heat of atleast a 800w open face inbetween the barn doors? or maybe even a 2k but I doubt they are even clsoe to stronger enough If not what are good alternatives for scrimming lights half a stop and a whole stop if I can't fit metal mesh scrims? Thanks! -Samuel
  14. Hey Everyone thanks for all this! Really Apreciate it!
  15. Hey Everyone! I have quite a good assortment of gels from party to technical etc etc When people rent or when I'm on a job that requires one the gels to be Cut or modified how do you go about charging for the usage of that Gel? Especially when it's being rented and being cut up from it's good size? Most my gels are precut "Sheets" from Stage Depot for like £7, Is it ok to charge for a new "sheet" of the used gel? Thanks!! -Samuel
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