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Timebase question

Michael Fitzer

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I'm working with a European broadcaster. They require I set my project timebase in camera to 50fps and obviously that I film all realtime capture at 50fps. This is sports programming so I can understand 50fps but I falsely assumed my project timebase in camera and theirs in post would be 25fps and they would conform. That's not the case.

Just for clarity, for the bulk of the filming I will be using the RED Gemini 5K DSMC2 however, I am filming test footage using my DSMC1 Epic Dragon (due to the timeliness of a specific event and won't have access to the DSMC2).

Now, with a 50fps timebase setting in camera even at 4K2:1 I am physically limited by the camera to 60fps when theoretically I should be able to capture at a frame rate of up to 100 (2x the project time base). 

This is probably operator error. I've shot in Europe before but my project timebase was 23.98 for North American distribution. I have never ushered a project through using a 50fps timebase setting so I'm a bit stumped as to how it is limiting my ability for creative frame rates in the field by this much.

Anyone have some insight? Anyone?

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