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Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2 Rig Suggestions

Daniel Hillel-Tuch

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Hey everyone,

We’re getting a Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2, and now we’re lost in the endless research of rigging it out.

The DoP/Cam-Op is a small 5’4” lady, but strong.

We shoot a combination of narrative along with corporate commercials.

Ideally we keep costs below €10K but we do want to have a system that is ready to go.

She generally doesn’t prefer shouting on her shoulder because she’s never found a shoulder mount that works for her. Her boney shoulders and short arms don’t give her the control she wants when operating, though we have made it work in the past with rental gear. This is why the EasyRig MiniMax with a Cinema Vest seems like an enticing option. Pricey though and it does mean we need to keep things below 15 lbs.

It would be fantastic if we could allow for focus pulling while operating in a convenient and accessible manner when on an EasyRig. Anybody have experience with using Titla Nucleus for these purposes? What’s also seemingly good about the complete Nucleus package is that we could have a remote focus puller if needed.

If using majority sticks and EasyRig solution it seems like a monitor is the better option over a viewfinder. Especially if we factor in cost.

If we do remote focus pulling though that would be another monitor and a wireless transmitter plus receiver.

Then of course there’s cfast cards, lenses, batteries, matte box, tripod, plus who knows what other arms, rods, and doodads.

I hope I’ve been specific enough and would love to hear any tips, experience, or recommendations overall.

We're based in the Netherlands.

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