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2 hours ago, dio zafi said:





As far as I know, they never made an anamorphic desqueeze option for the regular Moviecam SL viewfinder. You would need to buy a Moviecam Compact viewfinder system with the anamorphic eyepiece, as well as a VAP adapter plate to fit it on the SL. I’ve never done it before, but I assume it works ok. I’ve seen BTS stills of SLs kitted out that way. 

There’s one guy from Belgium on eBay who has a complete kit for sale. I’ve considered it myself, but personally I can’t justify $5K USD plus customs tax just for a desqueezed optical image. Plus the guy was a bit rude, so I didn’t feel like doing business with him. But maybe you’ll have better luck. 

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10 hours ago, dio zafi said:

Is there anyway around it 


let’s say using the video tap image to de-squeeze the image 


(otherwise I’m just going to have to get used to the image while filming)

Yes, just use a monitor with a de-squeeze function off the video tap. If your Video Assist is standard def (they all were originally), then you’ll need a monitor with a Composite Video input. Something like a TVLogic 5.6” or 7”. They don’t have a dedicated 2x de-squeeze function, so you can use the custom scaling function to approximate it. Because the monitors are 16x9 and video source is standard def 1.33:1, the image will be very small when de-squeezed. 

Honestly though, composing with a squeezed image isn’t so bad. You’ll get used to it eventually. 

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