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  1. using 16mm and 8mm on commercials a lot! fantastic work and great time!
  2. wow...!!!! so beautiful !!! great inventions (Kodak film) last forever brother..I'm shooting on film and making art and money...
  3. starting shooting on Kodak for stills and 16 filming while in college and now professionally for 4 years..love it! amazing aesthetic amazing sensation
  4. in general if there is a budget over 5,000 (I'll shoot on film) using kodak film is amazing ...and really I can't describe what it is ..except it's amazing to shoot on..and the feeling you get
  5. get or rent a super 16mm film camera...it'll make a difference
  6. Dune ended up being a movie that was transferred to "Kodak film stock"
  7. I think it's a great idea ! super 16mm cameras are much sought after...
  8. in Europe for Kodak motion film stock.. EI-Order@KODAK.COM
  9. Love Kodak motion picture film! Artistically and career wise thank you kodak! and the bonus is the extra amount of focus you get. I think the price increase pays for itself easily for me. In the meantime I bought a lot of stock for 2022 Happy New Year 2022!
  10. What are the film labs in Europe for purchasing and developing b&w motion picture film (kodak 5222) ? thank you
  11. anmar.gr wanted to let anyone working with film 16mm or 35mm this is a great lab with prices that include everything... go on there site for detalils again anmar.gr
  12. film cameras are expensive now but worth it...I know for for commercial spots film cameras are used alot ..and the results are great..so that's why the prices have skyrocketed
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