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Help! Scanning super8 film to create a digital overlay

Maja Andersson

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Hi there!

I’m currently working on my final thesis for my Bachelors in film production and I need some help figuring out to complete a part of my project. 

There are loads of 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film scan overlays online, that you can easily drag and drop in to premiere to add the ‘film look’ to your digital footage. My goal is to create one of these myself, I am not just sure how too. 

I have super8 film stock which has gone through the chemical processing, although they haven’t been exposed through a camera and are therefore completely blank.

Can I just scan these in a super8 scanner and then add the digitalised file on to a video clip using an overlay/screen function in premiere? I feel like I’m missing a step or two. Do I need to use film that actually has been exposed through the camera? Otherwise I won’t get the ‘edges’ of each frame I guess…

Grateful for any help I can get!

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