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K-3 Lenses

Rudi Gennari

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Hi guys! I´m looking for some new lenses for my K-3. I´m a new owner of the camera (modded to S-16) and the only lens I have now is the Meteor 17-69mm zoom. I´m on the hunt to buy some more lenses which I know they are affordable and good quality but I´m in a bit of a confusion as for which ones will work on this camera. I know it has an M42 mount, but what about the flange distance? The guy who sold the camera to me told me the only lenses that will work on the k-3 are the ones with a flange distance of 45.5. Now, I understand flange distance is the space between the mount and the camera sensor so I´m not sure how to look for it in a lens? I need help!

Also if any of you have tried any other lenses on the K-3, I would appreciate if you can share your experience. I was looking at the Super Takumar 135mm, and one other wide angle but didn´t know what focal lenght, since the one I have makes vignette effect wide open at 17mm, since the camera is modified to S-16.

Any help will be appreciated. 


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Hi, The K-3 uses what is known as the Praktica/Pentax M42 lens mount.  As such, the flange to film (not sensor, ha) distance is the same, so virtually most M42 screw mount lenses will work fine on the K-3 camera. There's even an ultra wide angle/fish eye lens that's 8mm made that works fine on it also.  Of course, the effective focal length is approximately double that of those lenses when used on 35mm SLR full frame cameras.   So, even a 24mm ultra wide angle lens becomes a virtual 'normal' focal length in the 16mm cine camera format.   Good luck and have fun, it's a great little camera.......except for the annoyingly hand stress winding handle.

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