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AVID, Slog, Metadata, please help!

Anton Leo Felixberger

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Hello Friends,

these days I am working on techspecs and a postproduction workflow for a TV series. This will be a pilot episode and we want to get the things in order.
I am not that aware of Avid so here is my question and I really hope somebody could help me with this.

Once the Slog Footage is ingested in the Avid System, all the metadata are not available "on" the footage. (sorry, my english sucks :))
Example: if I shot Slog on an FS7, I use Sonys Catalyst Browse for the transcoding. The software can read my metadata. So if I shot in 1000 EI, it doesn`t look a stop over.
I can use this in a very good way and for me it`s the benefit of Sonys Cine EI Mode.

But if they ingest it into their Avid, the material is not interpreted the way it should be. Is there no way to fix that?

Because of budget, time, blabla, you know, they dont want to adjust every single clip before editing.
I dont want to force any future DP to shoot everything in 2000 EI to get a constant look for editing and I dont want it either. :)

Their postproduction supervisor told me that there is no way to transfer the metadata, make up gain, the rated Lut, into Avid. I dont want to believe that. :)

Isn`t there a way except shooting in Custom Mode?

Thank you so much guys, I hope you understand what my problem is.

Best regards,





Anton    Leo       Felixberger
Bildgestalter/ Kameramann
Director  of      Photography
net: ///antonfelixberger.com

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Is post editing with the camera original S-Log3 MXF files? Or will they be editing with Rec.709 proxies?

Either way, you can make a Rec.709 LUT in Resolve that corrects for your EI exposure offset. Use 33x33x33 .cube format for FS7 in-camera viewing and 65x65x65 .cube for post. I would start with either Sony’s LC-709A LUT or ARRI’s Alexa Rec.709 LUT, and adjust to taste from there. 

If they are rendering proxies, then they can bake the LUT in. And if they are editing with S-Log3, then they should be able to apply the viewing globally LUT in Avid, without having to refer to metadata or make clip-to-clip adjustments.

I’m not familiar with Avid at all, but it works fine with Resolve and Premiere. 

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