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Arri 16SR R16 w/ Anamorphic Lens?

Even Lysen

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I've been trying to purchase a decent Arri SR2 w/ Super16, but they're either too expensive, the sets miss a lot of vital accessories, or the cams don't seem to be in the best of shape. This has lead me to consider going for a regular SR1 or SR2 and mount anamorphic lenses.

My questions:

  1. Does anyone have any experience shooting Arri 16SR or SR2 regular 16mm with an anamorphic lens? What are the biggest challenges?
  2. Do I have a lot of options with anamorphic lenses on a arri bayonet mount?
  3. Is the noise level on earlier Arri SR1's gonna be a problem for nearby sound recording?

Thanks! 😃

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There aren't many anamorphics designed for 16mm, so people often end up having to use 35mm anamorphics, which means you don't have wide angle options. Most anamorphic sets don't go below 28mm or 25mm, older sets like Kowas only go down to 40mm for example.  Hawk make dedicated 16mm anamorphics, but they are expensive and can be difficult to source. 

SRs don't have the facility for an anamorphic desqueeze viewfinder, so you'd also need to work out a mini-monitor de-squeeze solution or just frame with the image squeezed. You'd also have trouble finding a scope ground glass for an SR.

There will be very few bayonet mount anamorphic options, the only anamorphics in B mount I recall ever seeing were the old Arri Ultra Scopes, and most sets are probably PL mounted now. 

You could try using old B mount primes with an anamorphic adapter, but this is more of a DIY solution, and really not viable for most types of film shoots. If you're finding S16 cameras expensive, you won't find sourcing anamorphic lenses any cheaper.

The noise level of SR1s will depend on the state of the camera, but even serviced and well maintained cameras will be noisier than more modern cameras like SR3s, 416s or later Aatons. You'd need a barney for close sound recording.



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