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Help/Advice with my Beaulieu 4008 ZM 2 Cartridge Slot

Mike Hamilton

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It's fairly easy to repair.  You will need to purchase some contact cement, or Goop which works well also.  First, using a small screwdriver or sharp knife, remove as much of the excess dried up adhesive from the cover plate.  Then turning the camera sideways, try to remove as much of the adhesive from the plate mounting lip as you are able to.  Actually, you probably can get away with just gluing the plate back on, but cleaning all this off makes for a better fit.  You will need to be very careful NOT to get any of the dried adhesive into the interior of the camera. 

     If you have a helper, or not, you can use a vacuum cleaner with the crevice tool......BUT make sure you rotate the suction control collar on the hose so the suction is weak enough to suck the debris but not cause any risk to the camera!  Working alone, you can lay that hose and/or tape it into place on your work table, and place the camera near it....preferably on some thick cloth or folded white towel, or corkboard or some rubber.......this will help you hold the camera in position as well as avoid it slipping and any body scratches.  Do a gentle test first to see if the vacuum sucks the first bit of debris away from your work, and then you'll know how much suction you will need, how close etc.

   Once the old adhesive has been cleaned away, use a wooden toothpick or a plastic disposable one or something similar, and carefully wipe some of the new adhesive around the lip ledge for the cover plate in the camera.  Using a piece of either Bluetac or some wide rolled packing tape, attach this to the cover plate so you can more easily maneuver it into position.  Hold it firmly into position with one hand and remove the Bluetac or tape from it.....continue holding it for at least 30 seconds to a minute [or per any instructions for the adhesive].  Allow to cure fully, usually overnight I would recommend.  Then you're ready to go.

   I need to add here.....if the cover plate has come loose.....and it will......all the original adhesive has dried up....and quite frequently the exterior leathered/leatherette cover plates will come off.  This tends to happen when it use sometimes and can be very annoying...especially the control side of the camera!   So, if you want to avoid this.....using a small screwdriver, gently tug at the edges of the external cover plates, ONLY slightly to see if they are loose anywhere and ready to come off.  If so, then I suggest removing them and regluing to the camera body after cleaning things up.  On the control side of the camera though.....be EXTRA CAREFUL since the drive motor, electric contact switches etc are on that side and you don't want any debris to fall inside there.  If you have time in the future, you might just want to consider removing the cover plates & reattach them with fresh adhesive anyway, so they don't come off on your while in use!  Just work carefully and gently, and don't allow the new adhesive to slop into the interior of the camera.  Any slight excess on top can be removed with a clean soft cloth moistened with Isopropyl Alcohol and using your fingernail.  You could also wipe a small swath of Petroleum Jelly using a Q-Tip around the trim areas you don't want any adhesive to stick to......so after the adhesive has cured overnight, it's super easy to just clean things up as the jelly will prevent any adhesive from sticking the camera body parts.  Hope this helps.

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