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Zone System equates to Stops ?

Ram Nanda

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Ansel Adams devised a 11 Zone system. Can this be equated to 11 exposure zones ? 

Current film or Digital sensors are rated as 15 stops of dynamic range. Does that mean 15 Zones or 15 Stops fit into 11 Zone system (like 1.36 stop per zone) ?

HDR output is like 20 stops of dynamic range. Does it mean 20 stops fit into 11 zones ?

And what is exposure latitude in relation to these ?


Can some one please explain this ?! some times it is confusing.

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It’s just a method of previsualizing the contrast in the final displayed image, originally based on photos printed on paper. Sure, you could create your own personal 20-step Zone System if you aren’t going to be confused as to how Zone 9 looks compared to Zone 15 in your mind!

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