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F.S. Arri SR3 Advanced Camera Package

Rick Anderson

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For details email sales@broadcastsolutions.com
SR3 Advanced Camera SN 4142, finder, right on/off handgrip, TV/1.78 ground glass,
Gold Mount Battery Bracket (NEW)
Arri SR3 IVS video assist (SD) SN 5064, power cable
Arri SR3 FE-4 extension viewfinder SN 1294
SR3 400' time-code mag SN 3543, cover
SR3 400' time-code mag SN 3549, cover
SR3 400' time-code mag SN 3645, cover
Heated Arri 3-position eye piece w/2 cables
SR-3 shoulder pad
2x SR3 Black Battery Cables
ARRI SR3 LW15mm rods
ARRI BP6 19mm Baseplate
ARRI Dovetail 
24v on-board battery # 1 SN 4329
24v on-board battery # 2 SN 3711
24v on-board battery # 3 SN 4094
ARRI dual on-board battery charger SN 1070
Assorted SR3 Ground Glasses, various formats
The complete system (Body, Mags, IVS) was overhauled in 12/19 but it has not been used since this.


Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 12.50.37 PM.png

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