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Canon XF605 / UHD 4K HDR 10-bit Pro Camcorder with 15x zoom / ENG / Sports


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Canon's XF605 professional camcorder comes equipped with a 1.0-inch CMOS sensor and the ability to record 4K/60p/4:2:2/10-bit/HDR video to dual on-board SD card slots. Equipped with Canon’s renowned Dual Pixel CMOS AF, the XF605 achieves high-speed and high-accuracy focusing, and is the first XF-series model to include Eye Detection AF, as well as improved face and head detection, enabling more accurate and stable tracking of subjects. The new camcorder also includes new video transmission functionality, making it an ideal tool for broadcast journalists.


The XF605 Professional Camcorder is the next-generation XF-series camera providing excellent mobility, connectivity, and superb 4K UHD HDR image quality. Equipped with Canon’s renowned Dual Pixel CMOS AF, the XF605 achieves high-speed and high-accuracy focusing, and is the first XF-series model to include Eye Detection AF, as well as iTR AF X technology for improved face and head detection for more accurate and stable tracking of subjects.

The XF605 features a 4K L-series 15x Optical Zoom lens with 3-ring manual control. XF605 can shoot 10-bit 4:2:2 4K UHD footage in XF-AVC and MP4 formats to dual SD cards for easy post-production and quick delivery. It features multiple recording modes including Frame, Interval, and Slow and Fast motion up to 120fps in FHD.

An ideal tool for news gathering, XF605 features a new CTM (Content Transfer Mobile) iPhone application which allows for proxy footage, audio, and metadata to be exchanged between a newsroom server through the phone connection in the field and integrates into newsroom assignment planning software.


The XF605 features a Multi-Function Shoe that is compatible with a new XLR microphone adapter (developed by TEAC Corporation) for increasing the total number of XLR inputs to 4, providing a flexible audio recording workflow.

The camera features built-in Wi-Fi/Ethernet for Browser Remote, CTM (Content Transfer Mobile) app, IP streaming, and FTP transfer. The camera is also the first XF-series camera to feature USB Video Class allowing use as a webcam without the need for a 3rd Party HDMI to USB adapter. 

$4500 at B&H        Canon.com



Compression: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
Color Sampling: 4:2:2 10-bit
File Format: MXF
Recording Modes:
■ Resolution: 3840x2160 (YCC422 10-bit)
260 Mbps Long GOP (59.94P/50.00P)
410 Mbps Intra-frame (29.97P/25.00P/23.98P)
160 Mbps Long GOP (29.97P/25.00P/23.98P)
■ Resolution: 1920x1080 (YCC422 10-bit)
310 Mbps Intra-frame (59.94P/50.00P)
160 Mbps Intra-frame (29.97P/25.00P/23.98P/59.94i/50.00i)
50 Mbps Long GOP (59.94P/50.00P/29.97P/25.00P/23.98P/59.94i/50.00i)
■ Resolution: 1280x720 (YCC422 10-bit)

MP4 (HEVC): H.265/HEVC
MP4 (H.264): MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
Color Sampling:
MP4 (HEVC): YCC422 10-bit/YCC420 10-bit
MP4 (H.264): YCC420 8-bit
File Format: MP4
Recording Modes:
■ Resolution: 3840x2160 (YCC422 10-bit)
225 Mbps (59.94P/50.00P) / 135 Mbps (29.97P/25.00P/23.98P)
■ Resolution: 1920x1080 (YCC422 10-bit)
50 Mbps (59.94P/50.00P/29.97P/25.00P/23.98P)
■ Resolution: 1280x720 (YCC422 10-bit)
12 Mbps (59.94P/50.00P)
■ Resolution: 3840x2160 (YCC420 10-bit)
170 Mbps (59.94P/50.00P) / 100 Mbps (29.97P/25.00P/23.98P)
■ Resolution: 1920x1080 (YCC420 10-bit)
35 Mbps (59.94P/50.00P/29.97P/25.00P/23.98P)
■ Resolution: 1280x720 (YCC420 10-bit)
9 Mbps (59.94P/50.00P)
(2) MP4 (H.264): (YCC420 8-bit)
■ Resolution: 3840x2160
150 Mbps (59.94P/50.00P/29.97P/25.00P/23.98P)
■ Resolution: 1920x1080
35 Mbps (59.94P/50.00P/29.97P/25.00P/23.98P)
■ Resolution: 1280x720
8 Mbps (59.94P/50.00P)

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