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Adapting Kinoptik Tegea 5.7mm T2 for use with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

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Hi all,
I have a question for the Kinoptik 5.7mm users out there. As many of you will know, this lens does not have a focus ring - it is set, some being set up to work better at closer focus and some infinity but as I understand people will use shims depending on where they want their focus to lie.
The version of the lens I have been testing has been adapted to PL from Arri-S and the owner has had no issues using it on the PL mount of an Aaton 16mm camera. I suspect this was originally collimated to the Aaton.
I am trying to use this lens on my BMPCC4K using a PL-MFT adapter but I'm finding that it is not getting close enough to the sensor and so my focal plane is extremely close - I'm talking less than 0.05m to 0.25m sharp when stopped down to f11.
With some experimentation with S16 super speeds I am also finding focus issues on the wider end (12mm, 9.5mm) like not achieving infinity and so I think I need a good PL adapter that is shimmable so that I can adjust it depending on the lens. I have been looking at MTF and Wooden Camera for this.
Does anyone have experience adapting this lens to this body? Any information is appreciated, even just your experience with this Kinoptik and the quirks you found. I'm trying to explore all possibilities before investing in this shimmable adapter as it is not cheap. I am desperately trying to find a solution as this is the only rentable one I've found in London, with good buying options online being few and far between - if there are any sellers on here I am listening 😉
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A lens properly collimated for a film camera cannot at the same time be properly collimated for a digital camera with a thick filter stack in front of the sensor. This is especially critical with very short focal length lenses. Have your lens adjusted to the camera you are using.

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