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Hello! I am looking to sell my century optics c Mount fisheye!

-The lens is marked as a 6.5mm but when compared side by side to its brother the century 3.5mm, it’s almost the exact same! I’d say the true focal length of this lens is 4mm!


The lens is in overall excellent condition with very clean optics, free of hazing or fungus, shows very little signs of use! I’ve never seen another like it! It’s probably the only one on the market! Don’t miss out on this amazing and rare lens! 

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7 hours ago, Doug Palmer said:

Hello Olaf, Do you happen to know whether your lens covers super-16 ?  I have the 3.5mm lens which only covers regular-16. Thanks, Doug

Hey Doug! Yes it does, I used this lens on a S16 Rex 5 and it looked amazing, it has no vignetting

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Thanks Olaf... I won't be buying it though I'm sure somebody here will. They are great lenses. I think my 3.5mm version could be older than yours, as it only covers the regular 16 frame, maybe ultra-16 at a pinch with some vignetting. It feels funny each time looking for the focusing ring that doesn't exist ?  Also my lens is naturally difficult to shade from the sun, and tends to lack contrast even in overcast conditions. Though for much of my projects I don't mind this.

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