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Super16 Format Test - outside limits

Marta Teixeira P. Simoes

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I just got the results from a camera test and I'm a bit puzzled about the format test.
The camera assistant shot a 1.66 reference but in the result the limits are way too close to the edge. As you can see in the image attached, the top limit is even outside the film frame!
I've done this test before so I know how it should look like and I'm also sure the test was done properly.
My question is if anyone has experienced something similar before or has any idea what might be causing this?
The camera is an Arri SR3.


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Is it a rental house camera? A technician familiar with SR3s needs to re-align the ground glass position. 

It’s possible the ground glass marks are a bit off if it’s a custom marked or second party one, not an Arri factory one. Worth locking off on a chart and swapping ground glasses to see if the framing changes at all.

Usually this setting is pretty fixed, but if someone unqualified has been fiddling with the camera - removing the gate, undoing screws etc - it may have shifted.

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