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WANTED: Any Super 8 Editing Equipment for use with Full-coat audio

Noah Henderson

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This is a bit of a long stretch, but I'm looking for some of the more obscure Super 8 equipment that would have been used along with Super 8 full-coat for sound. This would have been stuff from the Super 8 Sound Company in the 70's so not the easiest to come by. This would have been:

- A Super 8 Sound Recorder itself for recording onto full-coat
- A Super 8 Sync Block
- A viewer that was modified for taking full-coat as well as picture

I'm up to my knees in actual full-coat so I don't need any of that, but finding stuff to utilize it for some projects is difficult. I've also talked to Phil at Pro8mm before already as well, but I'm hoping to maybe find someone who has some of this stuff stored away somewhere long forgotten!

You can see this sort of stuff in action in this old video as well: 



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