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  1. Hello everyone I'm interested in older books that covered in detail the process of cutting on film, primarily 16mm but 35 is good as well. Especially anything related to opticals and editing sound with magstock in the 1980s and earlier!
  2. This is a bit of a long stretch, but I'm looking for some of the more obscure Super 8 equipment that would have been used along with Super 8 full-coat for sound. This would have been stuff from the Super 8 Sound Company in the 70's so not the easiest to come by. This would have been: - A Super 8 Sound Recorder itself for recording onto full-coat - A Super 8 Sync Block - A viewer that was modified for taking full-coat as well as picture I'm up to my knees in actual full-coat so I don't need any of that, but finding stuff to utilize it for some projects is difficult. I've also talked to Phil at Pro8mm before already as well, but I'm hoping to maybe find someone who has some of this stuff stored away somewhere long forgotten! You can see this sort of stuff in action in this old video as well:
  3. I'm trying to track down a manual for a Frezzi LW-16 camera. I know they're somewhat similar to a CP-16 from my understanding, but was hoping to find the specific manual or other documents for the Frezzi. If anyone has a lead on that it would be really helpful!
  4. I've been experimenting with old Sync Sound Super 8 systems and am seeing what's possible now with digital transfers. There's the early Bell and Howell Filmosound system where a cassette recorder plugs into compatible cameras and the audio is recorded onto a tape. Then the tape deck is plugged into a filmosound projector and (if you shoot reversal) then you can project back image with the tape deck syncing up as well. My question is can this be transferred digitally using the rapid sync pulse that is recorded onto the other side of the tape as you record audio? Is there a program, or plugin or someway of having this audible sync pulse control the playback speed of the footage? From what I understand originally the tape deck would have controlled the playback speed of the projector, but when I have the film scanned frame by frame for transfer that would lock it into a constant framerate instead of being variable like it would be through the projector. On the higher end side of things, if I have one of the old Super 8 INC Sound Recorders and record audio onto fullcoat while having the recorder plugged into my camera, is syncing digitally any easier than it would be with the Bell and Howell system? (besides the fact that full coat would be way better quality) TLDR: Can I have a sync pulse control the playback speed of a digital transfer? (Oh also I'm searching for one of the fullcoat recorders if anyone has a lead!)
  5. Hello, I have 3 Cooke lenses in the Arriflex Standard mount. The lenses are all in good shape with nice optics and smooth movement on focus and aperture rings. Cooke Kinetal 9mm - $600usd + Shipping Cooke Kinetal 25mm - $700usd + Shipping Cooke Speed Panchro Series II 50mm - $3100usd + Shipping The 9mm and 25mm include front caps only, the 50mm includes only a rear cap. I am open to an offer on all 3 together.
  6. I recently picked up a Bolex Unimotor with the Transformer box, but I'm a little unclear on how the box works. There are three pegs and multiple holes and I don't know what the results of the different combinations in the holes are. Does anyone know more about it or have a manual for it? I'm also missing the terminal plate that's used for hooking the motor up to 6v batteries in the case if anyone has an idea of where to get one or how to maybe come up with an alternative (I have the case, just not the terminal plate)
  7. I believe that it should taper off, but not as much as it does. If it's in the middle of a roll it will run for only a couple of seconds before barely being able to move the take up reel and that's on a full wind. At the state it's in it would be useless to actually try and film anything with it. I've contacted Jean-Lois Seguin and it sounds like he is my best choice and his price is really good.
  8. Does anyone out there know of someone in Toronto that has the ability to service a Bolex H16? I recently received an old Bolex to my great delight as a gift that I want to shoot on and I have the resources (stock, access to processing, ect.) to do it, but it seems that the camera needs a bit of care in order to get it running again. It winds, the motor runs, and film moves through it properly, the issue though is that it does not keep a constant speed and will slow down at the end of the wind or if it’s in the middle of a roll of film, move very slowly as though the motor is weak. I don’t know nearly enough about the inner workings of this piece of gear in order to consider opening it up and I think that most likely it needs to be cleaned and lubricated. I’m hoping to find someone in the city to do it because I don’t have the money to ship it off somewhere else and get it serviced. It’s also a non-reflex model so it is quite old and I don’t know the history behind it so I can only assume it’s been a very long time since it’s received proper care.
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