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I've asked around, read the manual, read online, called techs, and still can't get a straight answer on this one. I have an Eclair NPR with the Beala (Beauviala) crystal motor .. the manual states if the light goes on, sync is achieved and if the light is off, sync cannot be guaranteed. Elsewhere I see the exact opposite, and that the light is a warning that sync has been lost. I know this is because of the other motors that were made afterwards having different specs, but can anyone please tell me what the truth is on this one? 


Thank you!!

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I’m not familiar with NPRs, but I would be inclined to believe the manual. It seems pretty clear that when the light is on (even just weakly) sync is achieved.

What does your motor do? Is this why you’re questioning the manual?

You can use a strobe timing gun to accurately measure the camera speed and see if it’s holding and whether the light is then on or off. Any rental house that rents or used to rent film cameras should have one you could possibly borrow for 5 minutes. Or get it checked at a service facility that knows Eclairs well, like Visual Products (have you asked Paul?)

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