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FS: Bunch of glass...Angenieux 35-140mm; Contax Zeiss 18, 25, 50; FD 24mm F2; AstroBerlin Gauss Tachars; Cooke Kinetal 12.5 c-mount; & more

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Hi everyone.

I'm selling off a bunch of stuff in my collection that I don't really use as much as I should...new year's resolutions and all

So, I have:

Angenieux 35-140mm F3.5 - Great lens, optics in great shape and had been serviced before I bought it. I bought it to try creating a DIY anamorphic zoom with an Isco54 (which i sold last year). I tested the combo briefly and it indeed covered throughout the entire zoom range with the Isco! Lens is parfocal, arri standard mount with nice solid visual-products style PL adapter. ($1900)

Astro Berlin V.S. Gauss Tachar 25mm, and 40mm-Makro-Gauss-Tachar - These Gauss Tachars are quite rare; best way to describe them is probably like German Speed Panchros. Make for a beautiful, classic image. The 25mm has some cleaning marks but is in generally good shape. Iris functions without issue. The 40mm Makro is in fantastic shape, and puts out quite a beautiful image, easily my favorite of the two. Nearly covers full frame / Vistavision, but the vignetting is due to the housing. If rehoused it would cover fully. The glass is in especially good condition on the 40mm; it's rare to find gauss tachars in good shape, usually they are badly scratched up. Good rehousing candidates. (25mm - $2000; 40mm - $4000)

Contax Zeiss
18mm F4 MMJ - All around good shape, has SIMMOD filter-ring installed to allow use of threaded filters. Glass in good shape; only "problem" I can think of is that one of the internal surfaces on a rear element has a small scratch towards the edge of the element, maybe a couple mm long, I assume ot got there when the lens was serviced at some point during its lifetime. I haven't seen this affect the image whatsoever, so it's a very minor issue. Otherwise in great shape, focus and aperture turn smoothly and without issue. ($600)

25mm F2.8 AEG - Fantastic lens, really gives quite a beautiful image. No problems, in good shape... smooth focus, aperture functions properly. Glass clean and clear. ($400)

50mm F1.4 MMJ - Solid user, focus turns smoothly and aperture functions without issue. ($250)

Canon FD 24mm F2 - Great lens, good for rehousing. FD glass just seems to continue rising in value with each passing month. Glass is in decent shape; good rehousing candidate. Only real issue is that the focus ring has a small amount of play in it, which I understand is a common issue...probably an easy fix if you want to do so, but functions just fine even if you don't. ($700)

Cooke Kinetal 12.5mm in rare c-mount - very late model with high serial number (749xxx), multicoated. Lens is essentially new old stock, even comes in the original Taylor Hobson box. Great little lens for those who shoot 16mm/super16. ($700)

Nikon F-mount Sigma 20mm F1.4 - barely used, in great shape. ($700)

Please DM for pics!


Prices include shipping within USA (but not paypal fees).

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Hey James,

i found your posting. I was asking myself wether your Angenieux is still available. I am pretty interested if it’s in a good shape. 

best greets. You can shoot me a message at zhong@cubird.de. 


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