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My Super 16mm K3 needs to be Collimated - Where/Who Should I Take It To?

Adam Guzik

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Hey, folks!

Just got some 50D I shot on Boxing Day back from the lab.  The colors are gorgeous - but 90% of the footage is out of focus.  

I'm actually going to be shooting a silent (ADR'd) short film in the next month or so, so I need to get the camera collimated and squared away so I don't have to worry about out-of-focus shots.

I'm in Central Easter Pennsylvania, and I'd like to get the lens mount collimated so the camera can be ready in about 1-2 weeks.  Does anybody know where I could go or who I could take it to to get it done, or if it's something I could even do myself?

Thanks so much!


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Places like Du-All or Visual Products are probably your best bet. You need the ground glass collimation checked as well, which is whether what you see in the viewfinder is actually what’s on the film. That’s a seperate setting to the camera flange depth and the lens back-focus, and needs an auto-collimator to properly check it. All three settings need to be right. 

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