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Composer Reel and Samples!

Adam Guzik

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Heya, folks!

Aside from being a filmmaker, DP, and colorist, I'm also a composer of music for media!  Before I went to college to study film and video production, I was a music student in public school.  Once I was in college, I made music on the side, and then I started composing professionally in 2015 for a YouTube web series.    

I mainly do orchestral works using entirely MIDI-based virtual sample instruments, but I also dabble in synth/sound design and rock-based tracks, too.

Would love it if you guys would give my latest demo reel and some samples a listen!  And if you'd like to listen to more, you can visit my website at https://www.adam-guzik-silver-films.com/music

Thanks so much!


Here are some Scoring Competitions and a Rescore I've done recently:



And a few Miscellaneous pieces:




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