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Rick Anderson

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Canon Cine-Servo 50-1000mm Zoom Lens
Canon FD Aspherical Lenses 24,55,&85mm PL Mt. P&S Housing

SV Scorpio Anamorphic 2x FFA Lens Set:35/40/50/75/100mm Serviced & Upgraded To FF
Cooke S4i Mini Lens Set: 18/25/32/50/75/100/135mm Coated & Uncoated Front Element

Canon EF CN-E Cinema Prime Lens Set: 14/20/24/35/50/85/135mm Includes Case
Arri 40mm T1.9 Master Anamorphic Lens PL
NEW Zeiss Supreme Prime 150mm T1.8  Lens
Arri Signature Prime Lens Set Includes: 18/25/35/47/75/125mm

Arri/Zeiss Master Prime Lens Set Includes:14/18/21/25/27/32/35/40/50/65/75/100/135/150mm
Arri/Zeiss Master Primes Lens Set Includes:14/21/27/32/40/100mm

Leica Summilux-C Lens Set Includes: 18/25/35/50/75/100mm
Leica Thalia Lens Set Includes: 30/35/45/70/100/180mm

Arri 2 Perf Movement For 235 Camera Includes 2.39 (Penciled Format)GG 
ARRIFLEX SR3 Advanced Camera Package
ARRIFlEX  SR2 HS Evolution Camera Package
Arri Alexa Mini LF Camera Package
Arri Alexa Mini Camera Package Look Library License Hrs-3900 

Arri Amira Premium License (New Sensor) Camera Package
Sony Venice Camera Package Hrs.-2444
Sony Rialto System
Red Komodo (Stormtrooper Original White)  

Red Monstro 8k Camera Package Hrs-152  
Red DSMC2 Gemini 5K S35  Hrs. 148 Camera Package 
Red Epic Dragon 6K w/VF
NEW  2x- Canon EOS C3002 Body Only w/10x BPA60 Batteries

Canon EOS C300 MK2 PL & EF Mt. Camera Package 
2x Canon EOS C500 MK1 EF&PL

Arri Maxima MX30QL Gold Mount w/Vibration Isolator,Ready Rig
Arri MB-20 System II Complete Set For 15mm LWS 3 Stage
Includes: Flag Set,FF-5,Schneider Filters
Arri SMB-2 Matte Box System
Arri FF-5 Follow Focus 

Looking For : (Preowned) To Purchase
Grass Valley LDX-C86  Qty.6
Arri Alexa Mini LF
Canon EOS C300 MK3

Aaton Camera Packages
P&S Skater Scope

Canon FD Lens Set TLS Rehoused

Arri Signature Prime Lens Set Or Singles
Cooke S4i Prime Set
Zeiss S16 Ultra 16  50,35,25,18mm,14mm,6mm
Canon S16 8-64 T2.4 Lens
Canon S16 7-63 T2.6 Zoom Lens
Cooke Panchro /iClassic 135 or 100mm

Cooke Varotal 18-100mm T3 Zoom Lens
Cooke Panchro 40mm Unhoused
Super Baltar 100mm

Vinten Osprey Elite Pedestals
VariZoom Cinemapro Talon Remote Head
Mo-Sys L40 Remote Head
Bazooka Kits Panther & GFM


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Hey Rick! I sent an email through your website earlier. I am very interested to know more about your two Arri SR kits, I am in the market for one currently and would like to chat more about maybe purchasing one of them!




Ben Wallace

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