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Has anyone tried a 12G HDMI to SDI Adapter on a 16-bit Linear RAW Signal from the FX3 to an external recorder.

Gabriel Devereux

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Hi All,

For an upcoming shoot I'm utilising multiple FX3's and need to record ProRes RAW for a final deliverable of ProRes 4444 (transcode). 

I need to record from multiple FX3's for a number of hour long increments and was hoping to record externally to a Shogun or such with 8TB SATA SSD's. 

I'm thinking of taking the UHD 16-bit Linear RAW out (from HDMI which is odd) > Cat3 HDMI > BMD 12G HDMI to SDI Adapter > 12G BNC to Shogun. I'm going off the fact you can take a similar output utilising a 12G out from the FX6. 

Has anyone ever tried this?

Also has anyone tried the Samsung/Sony 8TB SATA SSD's with 500 MB/s write speed + on the Atomos external recorders?



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