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FS: S35 Kinoptik 9.8mm F1.8 - THE vintage ultra-wide-angle!

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Selling my Kinoptik 9.8mm...in overall good condition with some minor imperfections as one might expect in a ~50 year old lens. Glass is in overall good shape with a few small, very minor marks to the front element coating, which have no impact on image. Rear element also in good shape. One of the images was taken to show the small (~1mm) mark on the front element...it's pretty difficult to see so ive circled it.

Other than that, coatings are in solid shape, and this is a perfect "user" lens that functions well and puts out a solid beautiful WIDE image! Used by many filmmakers in many famous films including by Kubrick, it was the go-to ultra-wide for many years, and is a fantastic vintage option today.

Focus turns smoothly, aperture functions perfectly; adapt to PL with either a conversion or an adapter and it's ready to go make beautiful classic images.

Arriflex standard mount. As expected with any lens this age, there is some internal dust, but no more than is ordinary.

Priced well under similar offerings, only a couple out there on ebay and they're around $4500-5000+...

Price for this one is $3800!!

Buyer pays shipping...~$50 USD within USA, probably $150 or so for international.

Located in Virginia, USA.







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