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ISO: Sony HDCA-901 ...or... Miranda DVC-802

Steven Englund

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I have decided to reshoot my high school senior project video using what was top-of-the-line gear back in 2002. Since I used a Sony TRV back then, now that 20 years has passed I should be able to do some amazing work on a budget.

To start the process, I have recently acquired a Sony F900 (non "e" model) ...now looking to beef it up a bit, with a Sony 901 or Miranda 802. Any leads are helpful. Thank you! 

PS: In 2002, how did they get the footage off the camera and what were the specs. Was it just removing the tape, putting into a separate deck, and capturing it? Was it 1920 or 1440? I've read various theories from "back in the day." 

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