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1/24 shutter speed doesn't look too bad?


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In my quest to get as small an aperture as I can go, is it worth slowing down the shutter speed?

Hi! I'm planning on shooting a day-for-night scene in a bedroom with a static camera on a tripod. This bedroom has glass windoors (covering the entire wall) where sunlight comes in, but I'm blocking all this sunlight off with green fabric or green screen ovals; the reflectiveness of this green (splashes of green on actor's skin and other objects) is actually advantageous for me because the film will be B&W; I theorize that these green splashes should be similar to the soft diffused light of moonlight. As much as possible, I would also like to limit the lighting plan to outside these glass windoors to really simulate a night scene in a bedroom where there are no other lights except the moonlight and, I forgot to mention, lightning.

As I will be blocking off the light coming through the bedroom, I'm now sort of doing exposure calculations. The native ISO of the Sony F5 is about 1000 (and I would love to stick with this) and for this film, I would love to keep the aperture as small as lets me (f/5.6 max if it allows); as it is a day-for-night scene, there is also merit to underexposing the image so this and my quest are sort of in harmony with each other.

I watched a couple of videos showing 1/24, but they didn't look too bad in my eyes. Moreover, the direction to the actors will be that they'd be slow-moving/static for the majority of the scene, however question still remains: is the motion blur of a 1/24 video bothering/unbearable to you guys (scene runs about 2-3 mins)?

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