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Arri Alexa 4k Super 35 

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Arri Alexa 4k Super 35 

Alexa 35 Production Set (19mm Studio) 





K1.0039373 1x ALEXA 35 camera body 

10.0043678 1x ALEXA 35 Cine License 

K2.0018983 1x ARRI LPL Mount (LBUS) 

K2.0016936 1x ARRI PL-to-LPL Adapter

K2.0034180 1x Balance Utility Dovetail BUD-1

K2.0023751 1x B-Mount Battery Adapter 

K2.0020916 1x Multi Viewfinder MVF-2 

K2.0042857 2x Cable VF Right Angle (0.5m/1.5ft) 

K2.75007.0 1x Camera Power Cable Straight 2m/6.6in KC -50

K2.0024101 1x Power Distribution Module PDM-1

KK.0041533 1x Production Support Set - Top

KK.0041534 1x Production Support Set - Side

KK.0041535 1x Production Support Set - Bottom


Note: This set does not include recording media, media dock/reader, batteries, or lenses, which should be ordered separately. 



Omar Alarian

COO / Film Producer

IMDB: www.imdb.com/name/nm7440967/

Raw Entertainment 



Email: omar@raw-entertainment.com


Youtube Channel: youtube.com/c/RAWegypt


Instagram: instagram.com/rawegypt?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


Latest Feature Film Trailer Welad Rizk:  youtu.be/KbuuzxTxhP4




Edited by Omar Tarek Alarian
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