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  1. Carl Zeiss Master Anamorphic set x4 REAL PICTURES! 50mm is almost brand new. The set is at Visual Products and ready to be shipped Price: $120k email: omar@raw-entertainment.com 35mm 8954322 50mm 8954512 75mm 8952428 100mm 8955539 If you want to add extenders to your set: Extender 1.4X 5880089 Extender 2.0X 5870179
  2. Arri Master Anamorphic set x4 35mm 50mm 75mm 100mm Plus Extenders 1.4x 2.0x The 50mm is brand new The lenses are located in the US. Price: $125k. omar@raw-entertainment.com
  3. Ultra Prime Set in acceptable condition. The lenses are at Duclos and ready to be picked up. The optics are in good shape. Serials For Ultra Lenses 8936733. 1.7/20 T 8923106. 1.7/24 T 8928197. 1.7/32 T 8932334. 1.7/50 T 8927732. 1.7/85 T 8937673. 1.7/135 T I can share a lens report. There is some work needed. The lenses needs service. email: omar@raw-entertainment.com
  4. leica summicron-c 18-25-35-50-75-100-135 The lenses are at Duclos. I can send a lens report. The set is only one year old. It’s like new. They have been used only few times. $65k email: omar@raw-entertainment.com
  5. Arri Master Anamorphic set x4 35mm 50mm 75mm 100mm If interested please let me know to send more details. Prices/Pictures Thank you
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